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IRONB Jeans 1022941838

Picture of IRONB Jeans 1022941838 (IRONB, Mens Denim, Korea)
IRONB Jeans 1022941838
Brand from SOUTH KOREA : IRONB. Color: Navy Blue, Materials: Cotton, Size: 46 : Waist 79cm, Thigh 25cm, Waist to Crotch 23cm, Hem 18cm, Total Length 106cm 48 : Waist 84cm, Thigh 26cm, Waist to Crotch 24cm, Hem 19cm, Total Length 106cm 50 : Waist 89cm, Thigh 27cm, Waist to Crotch 25cm, Hem 20cm, Total Length 106cm, Care: Hand Wash
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